Gefunkt is a smashing 9-piece funk/soul outfit from the heart of London town.

Bringing together a group of professional musicians from all over the UK, Gefunkt is a mashup of Acid Jazz, Funk, and Soul (with a capital 'S'). With a set list full of original new tunes and old-skool classics, Gefunkt has grooves to make you throw shapes like it ain't no thing.

The band features 4 dazzling horns tighter than a sequined boob-tube, a sublime 4-piece rhythm section with more licks than a puppy, and a singer who can holla louder than your mother. Get ready to shake everythin' you got.

Off the back of a tour of Australia, and with debut album The Bug just released, Gefunkt is rapidly making its mark as a bright young upstart on the new funk/soul stage.


Unemployed Funk Hipster - our brand new single out now!

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E :: info@gefunkt.co.uk

T :: 07712 598 177